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Emily Durway is a defense attorney in Akron and a photographer who is in the midst of a cool project in which she takes at least one photo a day for five years. She selected 366 photos that she took in 2016, a leap year, to exhibit at Summit Art Space. They are on display through today at 4 p.m. as part of the High Arts Festival and also can be seen on Facebook and Instagram by searching for ESD Photography, which are her initials, or search for her name. Emily will be at the Akron Art Museum this evening for the concluding event of the festival. Stop by if you can.

We met Emily through her friend, Zane DeLong, an artist, videographer and sound man who also takes still photos. He vouches for Emily's work. Her photos, he says, are beautiful.

Johna Economou is the third-generation owner of Pearl Coffee, which was started by her grandfather and his three brothers on May 22, 1919. The brothers learned the art of coffee roasting when they worked for a coffee company in Egypt after leaving their home country of Greece. In Akron, they passed their skills down to Johna's father, John Economou (known as the Head Bean), who taught them to Johna. Visit the store at 675 S. Broadway in Akron to try a Pearl Coffee sample and buy whole or ground beans to take home. You can visit the company's Facebook page to learn more and to give Johna ideas for ways to celebrate the county's official Pearl Coffee Day, which is Nov. 5.

Jen McGraw is the owner of McGraw's Paws, which is a pet-sitting and dog-walking business on Cleveland's west side. Mostly, though, she was on the show to talk about her Facebook page, which has attracted more than 8,200 members in only two years. It's called Weirdo Cat Ladies  (of all genders and non-genders) of Cleveland. Clearly, you don't have to be a lady to join, but you do have to answer a few questions to prove that you're not a robot. To get to her page, log into Facebook and search for the Weirdo Cat Ladies of Cleveland. You also can find McGraw's Paws on Facebook. Jen was voted the best dog walker in Cleveland this past June.


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