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Nate Eppink, Chief of Community Engagement for the Summit Metro Parks, talked about some of the many great activities that the parks are offering this season that are sure to help parents and grandparents who are looking for ways to entertain kids during the holiday break. If the weather cooperates, there will be sledding in six parks, including lighted sledding hills at Cascade Falls, Goodyear Heights, Munroe Falls and Sand Run. To find out whether conditions are conducive to sledding, you can call the seasonal information line at 330.865.8060 or sign up for the Metro Parks' Twitter feed, @Metro_Parks. Also, Nature Realm, the visitors center on Smith Road, is having a New Year's celebration on Dec. 31 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Outdoor fun and indoor crafts are just a sampling of the activities that will please the entire family. For more information, visit the Metro Parks' website.

Scott E. Robishaw, Volunteer Coordinator for the Salvation Army in Summit County, says that you have until around 8 p.m. today to put your change in the kettles manned by volunteers around the area. Or you can go to the website at any time to support the organization, which was founded in England in 1865 and is now in 130 countries. The mission was and still is to feed the hungry and help the poor. And all money raised in Summit County stays here. There are many excellent programs and initiatives including an arts and science "factory" that teaches music and language to children as young as 18 months up to 18 years old. The idea is to provide tangible hope and stop the cycle of poverty. To become an Army volunteer, call Scott at 330.434.7365 or visit the website. To get assistance, call the main number at 330.762.8481.


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