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Jennifer Grim, family service coordinator for the Alzheimer's Association's Greater East Ohio Area Chapter, talked about the classes, support groups and other resources that her organization offers for individuals dealing with Alzheimer's. Early detection matters, so it's important to know the 10 warning signs of the disease and how they differ from typical age-related changes. Visit the website to learn more. For more information, call the helpline, 800.272.3900. 

Ron Krueger is the owner of A-Plus Wildlife Control. He helps people prevent wildlife infestations in their homes by making sure that holes and other entry places are sealed. And if you already have furry intruders, he'll remove them. One of his jaw-dropping observations is that 90 to 95 percent of the homes he inspects show signs that mice have moved in. If you hear scratching in your ceilings or walls during the night, you probably have at least one mouse in the house. To reach Ron or one of his technicians, call or text 419.606.9188 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more information, visit his Facebook page or his website.

Emily Mueller and her husband, Ryan, own Mueller Honey Bee, which rescues honey bees in Northeast Ohio including removing them safely and for free from your yard. If the bees have moved into your home, however, that's an expensive and more extensive enterprise. Bees are efficient producers, and by the time you realize that you have bees in the belfry, it's quite possible that there will be 50,000 bees and 80 pounds of honey to remove. Yikes! Be on the lookout for multiple bees buzzing around your home this time of year. If you see more than a random few, call a beekeeper. The same advice will hold this spring: If you see a ball of bees, don't touch them. Emily or Ryan will come out to get them. You can reach the Muellers by calling or texting 330.357.9185. Visit their Facebook page to learn about events including the five-week beekeeping course that Emily will teach starting Feb. 28 at Prime Bricco. She's also teaching a seminar at Dayton Nursery next Saturday, Feb. 10. The topic: the importance of honey bees. Basically, if you like food, you should like bees.

 The Great Big Home + Garden Show continues through Feb. 11 at the I-X Center. For hours and more information, visit the website.  





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